These pictures had been taken at Katavi National Park. This was our National Geographic moment. The elephant had just been killed. A lioness was guarding the body. Lions were exhausted, vultures ready for them to leave.

Ho scattato queste foto al Katavi National Park. Questo e’ stato il nostro momento National Geographic. L’elefante era appena stato ucciso, una leonessa faceva da guardia al corpo. I leoni dormivano esausti sotto un albero, non lontani gli avvoltoi aspettavano che se ne andassero.

4 thoughts on “Simba

  1. che meravigliaaa!!!! e che impressione: erano proprio vicini vicini!! ma i baobab li hai visti????

  2. Hi there Michi! Thanks for your comment.. which led me to discover your blog! How lovely your first page presentation (and pics)! Answer to your question is the food market of Via Fauche in Milan. You can also find great designers shoes there. Check out this older post re this point.

    A kiss and speak with you again soon I hope!

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