London 2012

During Beijing 2008, I was living in London and I was looking forward to London 2012. I spent an entire year without  TV and internet connection at home (I know what you think…actually it is possible and not so bad, London has much more to offer than TV shows, even if I have to confess that when I started to date my boyfriend T, I found myself a couple of times hypnotized in front of his TV). The sad thing was that I completely missed the games in Bejing and I know I missed, probably the best games in many years. I love the Olympic games and I won’t ever forgive myself for that. I no longer live in London but the excitement hasn’t changed in these 4 years and I really wanted to have the possibility to attend the games in person. Now…T (who still lives there) and I had a genius idea to get tickets (actually T had it): our plan was to not buy any of them and wait (the wait and see strategy). We didn’t apply for the crazy British lottery or tried to buy them in Italy (much easier than in UK). No. Wait and see. Our hope was that somehow tickets would arrive. I don’t know what went wrong, but as you can imagine, we have no tickets for London 2012 and we are not going to the games. When we realized that our great plan failed miserably, T tried to apply for volunteering but it was too late for that too. T never gives up so he proposed a plan B and a plan C in order to enjoy the games atmosphere. And it is working so far.

Plan B:

  • we attended the trials for the artistic gymnastics at the O2 arena. Athletes who were the best 8 at the world championship in Tokyo qualified automatically.  The remaining gymnasts were fighting for the last opportunitiy to go to the games. The level of skill was pretty good and the competition intense. That was great for two reasons: I do love artistic gymnastics (I realized one of my dreams) and Italy won 2 gold medals that night.
  • we went to the diving world cup that took place in London last February,  in the location built up for the games, the Acquatics Centre. The big whale! That was great for four reasons: we had a preview of one of the games venue. I found out that diving is a very cool sport. Italy won a bronze medal in the women synchronised diving. I have a new favorite athlete: Qiu Bo (China). At the beginning I liked the name then it turned out he’s actually the best diver in the world. Have a look here!

What really touched me in both events was the moment of silence anticipating the perfomances. It made my heart beat faster and gave me shivers. I’m used to loud football games and that was a nice new way to enjoy sports.

Plan C:

  • we decided to attend the paralympic games. Great athletes and the possibility to enjoy the Olympic venues with less crowds. So far we are applying the wait and see strategy also for these games, but you never know tickets might arrive somehow.

And you…do you have tickets for the games? Do you have EXTRA tickets you don’t know how to use? What is your favorite olympic discipline?

2 thoughts on “London 2012

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  2. well done you ! Joanna and I went and watched the mens’ road race in Knightsbridge – v.exciting, we’re hooked on the the cycle racing – three weeks glued to the Tour de France – and J & I were volunteers twice on the Tour de France in London ! David Edwards got tickets for J & Serena to the rowing, which was a bit of a swizz, J had to get a 0601 train, arrived before gates opened, still didn’t manage to get through security in enough time to see start of first race, and then it was all over in under an hour – and all of the coffee/food/drinks places had closed – by 1030am !
    We have been enjoying the hospitality of sev eral of the nations ‘houses’ – the swiss, the African nations, and the Czechs. Some are just too expensive – minimumof £20, rising to £40 ! We have been given tickets to the Russian ‘Sochi’ house, so off there this weekend. Hope to see you on a next visit ! xx N

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