Crossing streets and ordering food in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is simply crazy! People and scooters, scooters and cars, bikes and scooters, bikes and people…it is a river that never stops flowing. We haven’t done anything particular while there, if you exclude getting lost the all time, but we enjoyed going around a lot without a destination. Our first days in Vietnam were spent trying to understand how to make two things that would have been simple in any other place we had been before: crossing streets and ordering at the restaurant. Saigon has busy streets and the first restaurant were we had dinner didn’t help us in these easy tasks. We had our first dinner out in HCMC in a huge restaurant nearby our hotel. Vietnam is very touristic and HCMC has plenty of nice restaurants for tourists like us, but we picked the least touristic restaurant in town. I love this picture, she is not interested to him, he’s very busy with the 100 pages menu. In the following 2 weeks we improved a lot our ordering skills.


Two tips for a budget but authentic stay in Saigon: we stayed here at Ma Maison hotel and it was like home: breakfast was simply great, we had our first with Pho Bo! And this is another place that we strongly recommend!

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