A cruise in Halong Bay

I dreamed of Halong Bay since we planned our trip to Vietnam. It was not disappointing at all…but but but…there’s always a but, the cruise was not exactly as expected. It was more a backpacker high school holiday than the lonely and peaceful experience I imagined. I’m not complaining…it was magic, stunning, unmissable…but it’s better if you know what you are going to find on your boat…many people!

This is a post I found very useful (our experience was positive, by the way, and we booked with sinh cafe’) if you want to book a cruise in Halong.

Best moments: the misty dawn, sunny sunset, getting lost within the limestone islands, kayaking and finally enjoying the bay in loneliness.

Ho sognato la nostra mini crociera ad Halong Bay dal momento in cui abbiamo deciso di partire per il Vietnam. E devo dire che non e’ stato affatto una delusione…ma ma ma..c’e’ sempre un ma, e’ meglio che sappiate a cosa andate incontro. Le crociere sembrano piu’ delle gite scolastiche per backpacker che altro…nulla di male, ma non immaginatevi una cosa tipo “voi a contatto della natura selvaggia”, non esattamente, ecco. Rimane il fatto che questa baia e’ uno dei luoghi piu’ belli al mondo e nulla puo’ rovinare o cambiare questo. Noi abbiamo prenotato con sinh cafe’ e ho trovato molto utile questo post.

Momenti migliori: la nebbia all’alba, il sole al tramonto, perdersi tra le isole con il kayak e finalmente godersi la baia da soli.

4 thoughts on “A cruise in Halong Bay

    • Hi! I think a luxury cruise, about 120-150 dollars, is the solution in this case. Anyway backpackers were good…just too many! I wish you to go there soon or later.

  1. I’m glad we could help inspire you! It may be luck of the draw on the boat you get as ours didn’t have too many backpackers (even though we were two!) and was pretty quiet. It’s beautiful out there and I love your shots! cheers

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