London 2012…the iconic moment!

The games are over. …It’s Sad. What will I remember this Olympics for? ……These are the first games I attended so….maybe for Michael Phelps breaking any medal’s record possible?…… No, I don’t think so, too obvious.  What about the atmoshpere at the Olympic Park? ….No, I don’t thnk so…..The Italian medals???…definitely not.  It must be Usain Bolt in the 100m? No.

I will remember these games for our friends B & S. I was on the sofa watching tennis and eating juicy cherries  when suddenly there they were: on TV behind Maria Sharapova drinking her water. So unexpected  and so beautiful…ok, I knew they were there…but I couldn’t imagine to see them on TV.  T and I lost our mind and we started to record the game, take pics and wave flags! And laugh like kids.

Thank you B & S you made my Games!

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