Sundays at the museum: Villa Necchi, trying to survive the heat in Milan

Last sunday was hot. Unbearably hot. And so the rest of the week…and also now that I’m writing…hot. I love the summer and I’m grateful we had a good one…but it has been too…hot!

To escape the heat I took T to one of my favorite places in Milan, If you saw this movie you know why I love this place so much. Villa Necchi.

Villa Necchi is Milan’s quintessence. What I really love about this city is that is beautiful but nobody knows it. Milan is beautiful only when people is not looking at her (italian cities are women…). Villa Necchi is like this: an hidden jewel.

So we stayed in the garden in the shade, tortured by the view of the pool (so tempting) and then we went inside the villa for the tour (not pics allowed I took these 2 illegally) that I really enjoyed…and if you consider that it was almost 40 degrees and there was not airconditioning inside…it must be really good. We didn’t escape the heat maybe but there is always a place where to have a granita afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Sundays at the museum: Villa Necchi, trying to survive the heat in Milan

  1. E’ un vero peccato che non fosse possibile fotografare. L’inverno scorso sono stato anch’io a Villa Necchi per una manifestazione del FAI e mi è molto piaciuta. La temperatura, ovviamente era più bassa. ciao
    PS: non conosco i film cui accenni, proverò a procurarmi il dvd.

  2. The photo is too cruel ! If it’s hot & there is a pool…if Italian cities are women, what is Napoli ?
    Una putanesca ?….we’re off there next week…. Ciao ! Baci.

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