Spaccanapoli…this reminds me of pizza.

Spaccanapoli is a street that splits the historical heart of Naples. And it reminds me of pizza. Every time I think of Spaccanapoli or I have a look at these pictures…pizza immediately comes to my mind. Maybe because it was also the name of my favorite pizzeria here in London, closed now unfortunately, maybe because it something you cannot help with Naples.

I had the most delicious pizza of my life last May. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about it. I don’t have pictures of that, it doesn’t matter it will never be forgotten…trust me!

E and I have been told to try a place for an authentic pizza that was closed that night (of course). We were too far away to go to Di Matteo, probably the most famous place for pizza in Naples. It was late and we were starving….so we stepped into this place. This is a fancy place and it is where pizza margherita has been invented so we thought…”here we are…and we fell in to the tourist trap”.  We waited for our pizzas for ages, the place was packed with tourists and a guy was playing guitar and singing old Neapolitans songs. I was so sure we made a big mistake. But in the end our pizzas arrived and it was like a dream. The one I had was named Donna Sofia…I bet in honour of Sofia Loren, and it was simply perfect. Words cannot describe the balance of ingredients, the perfection of the crust…mama mia!

When E and I are together and one of us says “do you remember?” there is no need for more explanations…we know what we are talking about.

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