Playing tourist

Yesterday London was sunny and beautiful and we had something to celebrate. So we played tourists in London and we went up to top of The Shard, London’s tallest and most controversial skyscraper.

I liked it a lot, living in West London you have a certain classic perception of it, from The Shard the city looked so modern,  industrial, busy and full of life.

A different and more interesting place.

Good things about The View from The Shard:

  • The view is stunning, much more interesting that the one you have from the London Eye
  • It is so much fun to see little tine double deckers and boats in the Thames
  • It makes you feel like holiday in your own town
  • Bad things about The View from The Shard:

Bad things about The View from The Shard:

  • It is not cheap
  • It makes you feel like a tourist (I actually liked this but if you are  not that kind of Londoner better you go somewhere else)

Alternative to The View from The Shard

  • Have a drink at the bar on the 33 floor. It is cheaper and quieter. The view is still magnificent (boats look normal size though but St. Paul’s is so close and The Gherkin just in front) and you will save a lot.

And this is when we played tourists last year.

IMG_1428 IMG_1434IMG_1429

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